Elizabeth Loranzo

Elizabeth Loranzo.jpeg

Elizabeth (Liz) Loranzo lived a troubled life from the time she was 13 years old.  She battled bullying and self-insecurities and her family spent years going through treatments and counseling to help get her through the rough days.  Her mom was her number one cheerleader and thousands of times she would tell her how beautiful and special she was.

After high school graduation Liz went on to cosmetology school and became a successful  beautician.  She took pride in making her clients feel beautiful about themselves and feel confident in their own bodies.  Liz’s future goal was to open her own hair salon in the coming months before her untimely death.

Liz’s passing was contributed to depression, anxiety and heroin laced fentanyl,  At her funeral service her mom spoke of how she died of an overdose and how fentanyl was a powerful synthetic opiate, the drug that killed the pop icon Prince, the drug that caused 42 overdoses and 10 deaths in 12 days in Sacramento, CA, the drug that is killing our children, our friends, our friend’s children, our family members, and people that we love.

Her mom went on to say that she could stand before them and shy away from the truth, but Liz would not want her to do that.  Liz was gone and now she has Liz’s fiancé Kyle, an addict in recovery, and her 9 month old grandson Carson to take care of.  She closed with letting everyone know that she will continue to move forward honoring Liz’s memory and making her proud.  Her mother plans to start the “I Care” foundation in Liz’s memory to aid in public awareness, education, to help those in need from addiction, depression, and anxiety and to assist parents of addicts in their time of need.