Written By: Janice Pritchard

In loving memory of Billy Jack Pritchard 6/11/1984-7/15/2013

We all love, we all hurt, we all forgive. We are all fighting with our own demons that lay deep within us hoping someday they will set us free. Free from the pain, the deceit, the horrible nightmares that we try so hard to make go away. To be loved is one of life’s greatest feelings we can ever feel and we all long for it. Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to be loved so much that we silently give up who we are in order to make someone else happy and we slowly lose our own self along the way!

We all seem to become prisoners of our own world that we live in and so many of us are destined to walk a path of destruction. We fight the demons inside of us until we lose the will to go on. We let life’s everyday struggles and hardships of who we are take over our lives. We let it conquer us!

We have all heard that time heals all wounds, but does it? Or does it just ease the silence of the whispers of death reaching out to us. We are all weak in so many ways that the path we walk leads some of us to the point of no return. Only the strong can overcome the fears to break free from the silence that has imprisoned us to a world of torment, a world of pain and fear, a world that only exists to the weak.

We all must be willing to face our fears of what awaits for us in life, if not we will never escape the dark paths that we are silently building for ourselves.

To believe in yourself takes courage from within. We all have that determination to push ourselves for a better person that lies within each of us. Sometimes the pain of trying to find who we are is so overwhelming that it blocks the way for us to get to where we are supposed to be. A place where we can find peace, love, joy, happiness. A place that we can dwell and find all the joys that life has awaiting for us. So many of us can’t seem to find the way that is provided for us to break down these invisible barriers that are holding us back so we travel alone through so many sad times until we feel that we can no longer go on.

Time is of the essence, face your fears, fight back, be strong, don’t let the darkness take over your dreams to a new beginning of what truly lies ahead for you in this life. The pleasures of love and life are such an amazingly, beautiful and wonderful thing.  Embrace life and don’t ever give up!