Your Choice Podcast:

Empowering each person to make their next choice their best choice.

We make choices everyday - big and small. How do you know you are making the right choice? Looking back over your life can you connect the dots? What kind of impact did your choices make in your life? If you could have spoken to yourself five, 10 or even 20 years ago what advice would you have given yourself?

This podcast examines the tough questions of community, social, family, and personal differences and discusses how the choices we make today will have an impact on our future self! Our guests provide an impact choice that altered their life for the good or the bad. We focus on connecting the dots of choices that left an impact and led the person to where they are today. No topic is off limits- we discuss drug and alcohol addiction, divorce, suicide, bullying, jealously, racism, health, community, family values, and more.

For more information about Your Choice Foundation, please visit and you can learn more about our organization and how you can help! If you are looking for support or you want to share your story on our podcast, please email John at

Thank you for supporting and sharing Your Choice Podcast with your family and friends. Our wish for you is that your next choice will be your best choice.

"The movie was inspiring. Choices determine everything." - Student from Burlington County New Jersey
"Ron's story was amazing, I loved it. I related to it alot. It had a tremendous impact on me" -Trinity
"Ron didn't just turn his life around; he also inspire others to do the same. It really does make a diffrence. So thank you for that Ron." -Kanda
"Ron was funny and kind and his speech helped me by giving me some advice that I've been looking for." -Jane
“Ron was transparent and reflected on his own life and the choices he made, thus bringing encouragement and hope to those struggling with hurts, habits, and hang-ups.” –Tracy
“Our students took the information from the presentation and applied it to their own lives and experiences. There is no doubt that because of the presentation by Mr. James our students are thinking about a choice prior to acting on it.” –Newfound Memorial Middle School
“My son rarely expounds on his school day. His response is usually simply ‘good’ when asked how was your day? Today was different. Thank you for a different day Ron. May God continue to bless you!” –Marla
"I believe a person’s energy introduces them before you even have a conversation. Ron James is the real deal; he lights up the room. He cares about kids and making the world a better place.” –Montessori Academy
“I learned that it is possible to change a person’s ways in a matter of seconds, and that anything is possible as long as you have your mind in the right path. Thank you so much Ron for giving me the right ideas and showing me what roads I should and shouldn’t go down.” –Annemarie
“Through the thumbs up, thumbs down method, I was able to determine that your story impacted 99% of our students and 100% of our staff, including me. Keep up the good work, brother. You are changing lives.” –Dalton