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Your donation can change a life.

Your Choice Foundation is a 501c3 charitable foundation that is changing lives every day. We deliver a powerful message to youth in our schools that can help them make the right choice about drug use, drinking, bullying, suicide and more. Some of the schools that need our message the most simply don't have the funds to bring the program to their school. Donations drive what we do. Your donations help us continue to deliver the message to youth across the country even when their school is lacking funds.  

Your donations also help us continue to develop programs to help those who are caught in the grip of addiction or need guidance and life coaching to help get their lives back on the right path.  

Why should I donate?

We have multiple giving options!

Donate online through PayPal.


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If you prefer to donate via check, please make your check payable to Your Choice Foundation and mail it to us at:

1245 West Princess St. York, PA 17404.

Donate by text message.

Text YOURCHOICE to (855) 735-2437.