A couple of nights before you came to speak to us I was having suicidal thoughts. Reason being that I couldn’t accept my past. You taught me that your past doesn’t define your ‘right now’.
— Gina
We all feel pain and that is a part of life. Mine was in the form of a false love of a drug addict stepfather and the undeserved hatred of a mother. In a way I believe I may be a mini you. Now I have yet another reason to strive and that is your story.
— Kayla
You showed me that I do have a choice to change my life. I used to be addicted to smoking it got so bad that because I didn’t have any money I would even risk my own health just to smoke my ex told me that he would give me a cigarette only if I would give him my body. I ended up pregnant. I have done a bunch of horrid things in my lifetime and after I had my third miscarriage and I heard your speech I changed it.
— Anonymous
You made me realize you can always bounce back, as long as you have the dedication to change yourself. That I can be who I want to be and not let anyone’s opinions change that.
— Adrienne
Ron, you kept everything 100% and as real as possible. I related to everything you said. I’m going down your path. Once I get outta jail on Sunday I will never touch another drug in my entire life. You have completely inspired me to change. Thank you so much for coming out!
— Josh
I really loved it. It made me cry. Your story was like my story. The bullying you got and how you were changing yourself just make others happy. I did the same things I did not like just to make others happy and they like me. You make me feel I have to be who I am and start to do the right thing. Thank you for being for us like father and take care of us. I thank you from all my heart.
— Renee
Mr. James really left an impact on my life and taught me that college is more than just parties, but it’s about working hard to graduate.
— Iggy
I was literally crying as I listened to you because it’s hard to find someone I can relate to and it’s hard to find someone that has been through the same things I have if not worse. I most of all learned that I am an awesome person and that I can be whatever I say I want to be. I can do whatever I want to and as a young adult I must realize and comprehend the reactions to every action.
— Janine
What really caught my attention is that you never gave up. That takes a lot. You didn’t just turn your life around for you but to inspire others. It really does make a difference. So thank you for that.
— Panda
When I first saw your presentation you were so funny. I wish we could have more time with you. Just wanted to tell you that and your book inspires me to do good things.
— Nelson
You weren’t like any other speaker we’ve had you didn’t tell us what to do you told us that it’s all our choices that we make and it’s our mistakes that we learn from and it’s no one else’s choice but yours.
— James
You showed that your choices can lead you to anything and that they’ll affect you eventually, good or bad.
— Benjamin
What stood out to me the most is that you’re not stuck being the person that you are, you just have to start making the right choices in order to get on a better path. I would tell other schools how much it meant to us that you were a real person who has been there and it gets to us more that way, versus just a teacher telling us not to do drugs and stuff.
— Trent